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Ceramic Long Sleeve Base Layer

Ceramic Long Sleeve Base Layer

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The Giordana Ceramic Long-Sleeve Baselayer is the versatile all-season baselayer we have been looking for. In the summer, its Resistex Bioceramic microfiber construction reflects the hot rays of the sun to lower the surface temperature, while using its insulating properties in the winter to keep our body temperature regulated. 

True all-season garments, the ceramic benefits physical performance year-round.

Ceramic Technology

Made with Resistex® Bioceramic, a nylon/spandex/polyester microfiber material bonded to mineral bio-ceramic crystals. The benefits this delivers are derived from the Far Infrared Rays (FIR), an invisible segment of the light spectrum, that the Bioceramic emits.

Summer: The Bioceramic reflects the hot rays of the sun in summer creating a genuine barrier against heat in high temperatures. This unique technology helps lower the surface temperature of the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable. The result is a considerable decrease in calorie consumption and therefore of the body's physical energy.

Winter: Resistex® Bioceramic also has high heat-insulating properties allowing body temperature to remain constant even in extremely cold conditions. Constructed from four panels to contour to the body, the spandex in the mix helps create a form-fitting garment.

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